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Asian Chicken Salad Calories

asian chicken salad calories

Mom likes my chicken salad...

Mom likes my chicken salad...

...so chicken salad is what she'll get.

Chicken salad sandwiches on cibatta bread, stuffed grape leaves (stuffed with cold veggies, rice, etc. - sorta like a salad burrito), monster cup cakes, ice cream and lemonade.

She asked me for the chicken salad recipe, but I make this according to taste and smell. I only can recite the ingredients:

- Chopped white and dark meat chicken: cooked (duh)
- Chopped sweet apple, spritzed with lemon juice
- Celery: two stalks, chopped
- Sweet onion, not too much, just a little: chopped
- Red bell pepper, mabe 1/4 of a big one, chopped
- Chopped walnuts, about a small handful
- Dill: generous sprinkling of chopped or freeze dried
- Salt (not too much)
- Pepper (freshly gound)
- Lemon Juice, a couple of dashes...maybe 2-3 tbl spns...I dunno
- Lite Miracle Whip and Lite Mayo...a little of both, but not too much, dammit!

Mix together and let sit for at least an hour in the fridge.

I chop the chicken and apple to about the same size pieces, small but not fine...everything else is more finely chopped.

I have also added a little sweet corn at times...but mom doesn't like it that way.

This ain't fine dining with precise recipes...but it does bring a smile and a full belly.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Heading out the door with the chicken salad and Susan in tow.

P.S. My camera lens is STILL filthy! Yuck.

Project 365 (12/07/2010) #191: Oh, the flowers of indulgence...

Project 365 (12/07/2010) #191: Oh, the flowers of indulgence...

An impromptu evening out with Deb tonight - we dropped into the lovely Grapes in Roscoe Street for a pint, and a complimentary tot of fabulous Diplomatico rum, which the lovely landlady was telling us about the last time we were in - a delectable Venezuelan rum, warming, spicy and vanillary...

Then we ate in Host on Hope St - a good find, to which we plan to return. A fab modern Asian menu - I opted for corn fritters with tamarind caramel and shredded chilli to start, with Deb going for an Asian beef salad - both were lovely. Then Deb had chicken Katsu curry with rice and pickled vegetables, while I had chilli jam chicken, coconut rice and Asian slaw - again both dishes were very tasty. Finally, Deb managed to squeeze in most of a chocolate brownie with ice cream and candied chilli, while I nearly did justice to a chocolate, orange and polenta platter conisting of a pot au chocolat, a lovely polenta cake with candied orange peel and an orange sorbet - gorgeous.

Then we had a little wander around the Georgian Quarter to burn off some of the calories...

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, and so I couldn't capture any of this enjoyable evening to share... The best I can offer is this pretty flyer for a special deal at yet another lovely restaurant we plan to try...

asian chicken salad calories

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